Monday, 29 August 2011

Erin Meets Zadig

YIKES! Less than a month to wait for the Erin Wasson collaboration with french brand Zadig & Voltaire. The images I've seen so far do not disappoint, it's just a shame the prices aren't exactly 'purse friendly' or else I'd have it all! Hopefully the remainder of my student loan will stretch far enough to buy me the cashmere 'Eye' vest. If it doesn't then all I'll say is there will be tears!

P.s. You'll soon come to realise I have a massive girl crush/style obsession with the inimitable Miss Wasson.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Time for a new tattoo

I got my third tattoo a few weeks ago (above) and was adamant it would be my last due to the sheer pain I was in. Shock horror, the pain has been forgotten and I'm already researching what I'd like to have done next. I'm obsessed with inner arm tattoo's from the likes of Erin Wasson & Freja Beha, and although I've been blessed with skinny arms, I'm not sure if I can pluck up the courage to have one here. I think for now I'll go with another one on my side and just pump my body full of pain killers before I go in!  

Let me introduce myself

Hello there. My name is Jo and in just a matter of weeks I will be going into my fourth and final year of uni studying Fashion Management. It's a scary thought that next year I'll no longer be a student but I'm looking forward to all the big plans I'm hoping will materialise.

I've been meaning to hook myself up with a little blogspot for a while now but just haven't got round to doing it. I’ve decided, today is the day! What should you expect from my blog? Countless thoughts and ramblings on my life and all the things that inspire, interest and catch my eye.

For those of you slightly interested, I hope you enjoy.

Much love,