Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Thought I'd share my newest wardrobe additions with you all. I ordered these cheap monday shoes a good couple of weeks ago and when they arrived they were HUGE, so after waiting for what seems like forever they finally arrived today in a size that fits perfect. The jacket I treated myself to in Zara last week when I was supposed to be wedding outfit shopping, my least favourite thing to shop for might I add. It was an absolute essential (so I told myself), but I do honestly think it's the perfect summer jacket. Oh and the gold zips on the cuff got me more excited than they should have when I discovered them the other day. I'm easily pleased. 


  1. I have swooned over this bloody jacket for weeks now! I just love it. I have the sleeveless version from Zara and was thinking of wearing my leather under it but it's just not the same! I may need to buy this too. I do just want everything in Zara though. x

  2. Love your jacket! So unique