Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl, also known as The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger. My model/style/couple crush for the past few months. Oh, and the music they make together is almost as beautiful as they are...listen and love

Monday, 26 September 2011

Alix Bluh

Another lovely birthday present I got from my boyfriend, this one was less of a surprise though. We picked this little gem up from my favourite New York boutique, Love Adorned. There was so many lovely pieces to choose from but this was the one that really stood out to me. The 18th Century 'Eyeris' necklace by Alix Bluh. I had never heard of the designer before but have since done a little bit of research into her work and can honestly say I was blown away with what I saw. When talking about her design concept, Bluh has said "I have always been so moved by the stories found in nature, in time-worn objects, in mourning jewellery and religious reliquaries. I want to create heirloom pieces that are not about fad and fashion, but rather sentiment and timelessness'.

Feast your eyes on her stunning work here.

Thought I'd also share this little video on Love Adorned, it get's me a little sad. I wish I could live in that store!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Mossy Birthday Surprise

I absolutely had to share this little beauty with you all. Painted by the very talented Lola Nicol who's work is utterly incredible. I strongly advise you visit her Facebook page here to see some other outstanding pieces.

When I seen this one had been sold I was absolutely devastated. Luckily I have a pretty mega boyfriend who had bought it for my Birthday. Best surprise ever! What a star.

Now I'm off to watch George Harrison: A Concert For Bangladesh with my mega bf who hasn't seen it before. Disgraceful. I shall leave you with this...

Friday, 23 September 2011

DIY: Tom Binns Neon Necklace

I've been drooling over Tom Binns Swarovski crystal neon necklaces for a while now but with a £1, 575 price tag I was slightly put off. A few weeks ago in London I was having a little jaunt around Harvey Nichols when I came across the 'Slap Dash' necklace (top image). I couldn't believe how 'Slap Dash' it actually was! Definitely DIY-able I thought. 

If you fancy a little art project then here's what you'll need:

1. Crystal necklaces (Mines are all vintage, bought from vintage parties and car boot sales. I used 3 to bulk it up)

2. Neon Nail Varnish (American Apparel)

3. Small safety pins (I used gold ones for a bit of contrast)

I painted each necklace separately before using safety pins to hold them all together, but you can also use a strong thread or even wire. Slightly more fiddly I imagine. I decided to stick with the one colour, but if you'd like to mix it up a bit then visit the Tom Binns website here for some inspiration!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Here are a few snaps from my birthday night out in Glasgow at the weekend. It was a mega night, with everyone getting severely drunk and dancing until the lights came up (literally).

I was feeling slightly depressed about turning 22, ridiculous I know, so felt the need to treat myself to some seriously good birthday attire. I went with the American Gold 'The Vodoo You Do' dress and was not disappointed. For yonks I'd been pining over it but never quite had the £180 to fund the little beauty, and thank god I never, seeing as I got it on sale for £90.

Turns out being 22 isn't all that bad after all.


Andrea Lieberman's A.L.C Spring RTW 2012 collection. My idea of heaven. That mint green blazer and those crisp white striped trousers are brightening up this rainy Scottish day.

Monday, 19 September 2011

New York I Love You

A few snaps from my trip to New York last week. This was my second visit and absolutely not my last. I think I could go back a thousand times and still not have seen or done half the things the city has to offer.

A few of my highlights have to be my first visit to Alexander Wang's impeccable Soho boutique, and of course becoming the proud owner of the new 'Rafael' bag, perfectly structured with Wang's signature edge in the form of exaggerated zip's. Beautiful. Then, there was my first venture across to Brooklyn. Much calmer than the city but equally as exciting. Oh, and the East Village at night time, drinking vodka berry's in Hi-Fi, listening to Ryan Adams and George Harrison on the greatest juke box known to man! And to top all that off, I met my hero at Fashions Night Out...yep, the outrageously lovely Erin Wasson. I think she may be the only person on this planet to make me speechless!

All in all an utterly unforgettable trip. Thank's New York you little peach! See you soon.