Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

(Jackets: Acne/Topshop, Jumpers: Isabel Marant/Alexander Wang, Vests: Madewell/Victoria's Secret, Shorts: Erin meets Zadig/Sass & Bide, Jewellery: Low Luv necklace/ Elizabeth & James rings, Bag: Balenciaga)

So here's the kind of 'looks' I want to be sporting this Summer. The Acne denim jacket is pretty much my ideal summer cover up! It's a shame I'm on a saving spree and can't justify spending £340 on a denim jacket that is definitely DIY-able. As for the little brown leather number from Topshop, I NEED! Been after one of these for a while now and this one is slightly longer on the body as well, which is exactly what I've been after. The Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang jumpers are just perfection, but I'll probably be buying a slightly more affordable alternative! Moving on to vests, racer back and slightly sheer all the way, and I can't wait to get my paws on some Isabel Marant inspired football jersey motifs. The bronzed Low Luv necklace would be perfect for layering over longer chains and the Elizabeth & James rings, well, you can never have enough rings in my opinion. Finally, those bleached hot pants AGAIN and the Sass & Bide mega, embroidered, silk DREAM shorts would make my summer complete!

Oh and how can I forget the Balenciaga Giant City bag with rose gold hardware. I will own this bad boy one day, and hopefully that day will be in 2012!... I'm not very good at waiting you see.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Erin meets Zadig part 2

Word's cannot describe how excited I am for Erin Wasson's second collection for Zadig & Voltaire. I adored the last one even though it didn't quite adore me, the 'Play' jeans on my tiny legs was just disastrous, anyway, this one looks set to be even more perfect than the last! I think I'll invest in those bleached hot pants and the chain-mail esc vest. My mouth is watering just looking at these stunning images by Fred Meylan, and they're doing a good job of getting me all geared up for Summer! It's a pity I live in Scotland and have a good few months to wait before the sun starts shining again.

Oh I also need to ask a massive favour! I'm currently in the very early stages of my dissertation and would be soooo grateful if those of you aged 18-25 could take 5 minutes to complete my wee survey. My dissertation is a study into the growing phenomenon of fashion blogs and their impact on the purchasing behaviour of women aged 18-25. Here's the link if you can spare the time:

Thanks guys!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Suzannah Wainhouse

I've just recently discovered the work of Suzannah Wainhouse, an utterly incredible jewellery designer who I am now completely besotted with. I'm usually a silver gal but recently I've been drawn to brass and gold jewellery, so Wainhouse's designs tick all the boxes for me. Hopefully I can get my paws on some of these beauties soon!

Monday, 16 January 2012


Ok, this post may be slightly overdue but I've literally not a had a spare second to even think about my wee blog with all the course work I've had to do!

So now that I've finally got uni work out the way, I can show you some of the lovely gifts I got for Christmas. I'm still a little bit shocked at all the goodies I unwrapped, and even though they were on my "wish" list, I didn't actually think I would get any of them. So here's a few snaps of my main gifts, you know the ones besides new pants and pj's...which I love by the way! My mega boyfriend seriously outdone himself and surprised me with the Alex Wang Brenda bag, as well as the Lauren Wolf Amazona Bone necklace. House of Harlow from my mum and Rosita Bonita from my boyfriend's mum and dad. YOWZA! Oh, and to top it all off, and after two years of lusting after it, I finally treated myself to the Pamela Love arrowhead ring with my christmas pennies! My fingers are now complete. And of course spending time with family and friends made it even more amazing. I hope you all had a mega time and didn't eat too much party food...unlike myself!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

If not for you

I think it's safe to say I've kind of abandoned my little blog these past few weeks, one of my new years resolutions of course is to make more of an effort with this bad boy. Anyway, just a quick post to say Merry Christmas and Happy 2012! I'm a little sad to say cheerios to 2011, it was a pretty MEGA year. Not to fear though, I'm hoping (if I don't have a dissertation related breakdown) this year will be just as good as last. Oh and I may actually graduate...YIKES!

Anyways, here's a little snap I meant to post a few weeks back of my new George Harrison painting a very talented lady by the name of Lola Nicol hooked me up with. He's an absolute treat. Check her work out over here.

Oh and hopefully I'll get a little Christmas present based post up soon! Way too many goodies to share with you.