Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Here are a few snaps from my birthday night out in Glasgow at the weekend. It was a mega night, with everyone getting severely drunk and dancing until the lights came up (literally).

I was feeling slightly depressed about turning 22, ridiculous I know, so felt the need to treat myself to some seriously good birthday attire. I went with the American Gold 'The Vodoo You Do' dress and was not disappointed. For yonks I'd been pining over it but never quite had the £180 to fund the little beauty, and thank god I never, seeing as I got it on sale for £90.

Turns out being 22 isn't all that bad after all.

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  1. I love your wishbone tattoo ;)
    And it would be great if you could visit my blog and follow if you like it! I'd be glad to do the same for you! ♥ Eliza